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Stretching my grocery budget

July 16th, 2008 at 07:29 am

I budgeted $100 for grocery for the month of July. It's the 16th. I have used up $89! Looks like I will be going over my budget. I do have some items at home that can last at least a week. Let me see if I can meal plan and strech my food to the end of the month.

Items left:

Chicken Thighs : at least 3 meals
String Beans, Onions and Zucchini and Noodles : Stir fry noodles 3-4 meals
Yogurt, Granola, Blueberry, Oranges - 1 week. (Will have to buy more yogurt and fruits next week)
European Pumpkin and Pork Strips: 2-3 meals
Water to last me all of 2 weeks
Eggs 4-5 left
Staples like rice and lentil soup
Some onions
Ramen noodles

Well, I will give it a go and see if I stretch out my grocery. I am sick of going over my food budget every month. Even if I have to increase my grocery budget, I don't want to go over $125.

3 Responses to “Stretching my grocery budget”

  1. momcents Says:

    It looks to me like you have things to work with and should be able to stretch your stash to feed yourself, supplementing your balance for produce and dairy.

  2. Cindy K Says:

    Discipline. Yes, personal finance, saving money and thinking about what you are spending your money on does take discripline. But more often, just a little forward thinking. Why did you spend $3.50 on breakfast when you had breakfast in your frig? Yogurt with blueberries and an orange. Or maybe a couple of hard boiled eggs? Why pay for another breakfast when you already have breakfast in your frig? Instead of getting up earlier to make your lunch, make it the night before so it is all ready when you leave for work in the morning. Another thought: Leftovers. I find that cooking extra the night before for dinner will give me lunch the next day. Yes, it is easier to run through the fast food line and grab something; however, those $3.50 expenses add up. I'd rather bring something from home that I've already spent the money on, and save the $3.50 for something else that I really need or want in the future. Just a different way of thinking about spending money.

  3. littlemama Says:

    I think you're doing a great job already. Even $125.00 is doing very well!

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