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July 19th, 2008 at 08:08 am

Museum visit was very nice. I also found out that you don't have to pay the "suggested" fee. This little info will come in handy, and now I plan to visit all the public museums and pay very little for it. After all I am already paying for them with my tax $$. It was nice to go out and see a friend and take in all the art and music the museum had to offer. Beats staying in and wallowing in my personal stuff anytime!! Today I plan to do "summer cleaning" of dwelling. It's too hot to be outside anyway and I need to get my affairs in order. I plan to declutter and donate things that I don't use anymore to charity. Stay cool!

2 Responses to “Museum”

  1. honeichild Says:

    In my city our public library has free passes to all of the major museum. They go fast but luckily I was able to get one. You get to use them for a week. Not a bad way to save on those admission fees!

  2. Aleta Says:

    There is so much out there that is free of charge and the truth is that we just don't ask. I never thought about asking our library. That is absolutely great. It keeps you in touch with your community so you know what's happening. Plus, you're supporting your local areas by visiting it. So many places close down because they don't have enough participation.

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