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New Expenses

July 21st, 2008 at 02:11 pm

As it happens, I had to buy a new vacuum cleaner this weekend. It was a lot of money I was not expecting to spend. But you can only live for so long amidst the dust, grime and pet hair. Hopefully I can enjoy my cleaner place more now. I was very very tempted to get one of those dyson vacuum cleaners. But I resisted. It seems like everybody wants to buy dyson these days. Everybody who came to the vacuum cleaner aisle were looking for one. The one I bought for myself was less than half the cost of a dyson, but still quite expensive. But I am sure I will get a lot of use out of it, and that it will last for a long time. Fingers crossed!

I was not expecting to go grocery shop further this month apart from dairy, fruits and bread. But I did end up spending $50 plus at the grocery shop yesterday. However that should last me a long time and I also have all of my lunch/breakfast food planned to bring with me. So, I think that $50 spent at the grocery store will end up saving me $30 plus in lunches during the week and cover my dinners/snacks for the rest of the month.

2 Responses to “New Expenses”

  1. Cindy K Says:

    Congratulations, now you are thinking about your expenses! You are planning rather than reacting to things in your life. I have to acknowledge to you that in a very short period of time since you started your blog, you have really made some good changes in your finances/life. Try Foodnetwork.com to look for recipes. Or second hand store and pick up an easy to follow cookbook. C

  2. Brenda Says:

    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of vacuum did you get? I am also looking for a vacuum but for some reason I don't want a Dyson either. I do want a canister though.

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