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Ouch that hurt AND cost me $300

July 27th, 2008 at 02:16 pm

I went in for regular teeth cleaning (Horrors! After 3 years. I hate going to the dentist) They said my gums were being pushed down and I needed to put in boding in 15 teeth and if I didn't take care of them, I will get root canals!! And one cavity! My insurance paid 80% of it. But I had to pay $300 out of my pocket. Frown
Have you guys had bonding put in? She also fixed one of my teeth that was chipped. Now it seems smooth which is nice. I wonder if I should have waited and gotten 2nd opinion? But dental insurance from my work is crappy- ony $1500 a year, most of which was used up today.

Stretching my grocery budget

July 16th, 2008 at 07:29 am

I budgeted $100 for grocery for the month of July. It's the 16th. I have used up $89! Looks like I will be going over my budget. I do have some items at home that can last at least a week. Let me see if I can meal plan and strech my food to the end of the month.

Items left:

Chicken Thighs : at least 3 meals
String Beans, Onions and Zucchini and Noodles : Stir fry noodles 3-4 meals
Yogurt, Granola, Blueberry, Oranges - 1 week. (Will have to buy more yogurt and fruits next week)
European Pumpkin and Pork Strips: 2-3 meals
Water to last me all of 2 weeks
Eggs 4-5 left
Staples like rice and lentil soup
Some onions
Ramen noodles

Well, I will give it a go and see if I stretch out my grocery. I am sick of going over my food budget every month. Even if I have to increase my grocery budget, I don't want to go over $125.

Today's Expenses

June 17th, 2008 at 06:37 am

I have started to keep track of my spendings. Try as I might, I find it very difficult to make my own lunch. No wonder, it's still early and I am $3.50 poorer on breakfast. I gotta shape up.

$3.50 Coffee and food