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Being Disciplined

July 15th, 2008 at 07:57 am

I understand that one has to discipline herself/himself in matters of personal finance. It's not easy to have no spend days. It's not easy to save. However it is very easy to give into wants and make purchases you will regret later. So my goal is to try and discipline myself to save every dollar that I can. I live in a very expensive city. I can't really say that I have a quality time to myself or with friends/family, or that I am very happy with the place I am right now in life. I have noticed this also lends to spending where I shouldn't be. I was walking around last week, and stopped in a store and ended up spending $60. I could have waited for those things I bought. But I was feeling bad, and I thought why not? They gave me temporary happiness. But no, I shouldn't be spending recklessly like that. Especially not in this economy. Well, never really. I have also been eating out a lot, which is not only expensive, but also unhealthy. So what am I going to do? I am going to discipline myself. I am going to discipline myself to do things that I necessarily don't want to do, for eg: exercise. I have heard exercising helps a person mentally. I also think it will motivate myself to eat healthier. After all, I don't want to counter-effect all that exercise. I am going to discipline myself to pack my lunch, go to sleep on time and wake up early. I am going to start with small steps and see how far I can get along.

4 Responses to “Being Disciplined”

  1. JanH Says:

    Change one thing at a time. It gets to be part of your routine and then change another. It will all add up to all the changes you want. I have tried in the past to do it all at once, and I can't. But, then again, I'm that sort of person. I can only change one or two things at a time to get anything to work for me at all. Keep us posted on how it goes!

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    I picked up excersizing last year and the beginning is the TOUGHEST. Its so hardto convince yourself to go do something you hate voluntarily. And it takes 2-3 weeks to see a difference. But once you see a difference it is addicting and it does cause you to eat healthier. As for affecting how you spend, for me it does not have a direct correlation, but its all about being disciplined as you say. How you spend today affects how you live tomorrow. How you eat today affects how you look tomorrow.

  3. Casey Says:

    gamecock43, the way I think is, if I exercise, I will be unlikely to eat out a lot, which will save me money.

  4. MileHighGirl Says:

    Think of some free things that you enjoy to do and that make you happy, and write them all down. Make a point to do something from that list everyday. If you balance out the parts of your life that aren't so great right now with some things that bring you joy you'll be less likely to try to spend to feel good.

    Discipline is hard for everyone, but luckily it gets progressively easier as you keep doing it, and eventually even becomes a habit. Remember to be nice to yourself in the process, we all make mistakes!

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