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Note to self

July 17th, 2008 at 01:51 pm

pick up jeans from alteration [x]
cook chicken (for dinner and to bring to lunch)[x] update: I had it for dinner but brought something else for lunch. I will have the leftover for meals over the weekend
spot clean dwelling [x]
give myself a facial [Nope]
hand wash a few light clothes [x]
go to sleep early! [Kind of]

return amazon book that came damaged (this is a course/reference book. I don't buy books anymore, I borrow.. please..)
apply for the interesting position I saw
go to museum with a friend

1 Responses to “Note to self”

  1. Cindy K Says:

    Good for you! I am so proud of you for taking breakfast and lunch to work.... and making extra for lunch the next day! Enjoy your day at the museum - what are you going to see? Write about it!

    I've had nights where the brain doesn't want to shut down at night. My secret - 1/2 tablet of generic tylenol PM. Just enough to make you sleepy but not enough to get hooked on.

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