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Thursday update and discovering freezing and defrosting

July 24th, 2008 at 06:43 am

Brought in my breakfast and lunch again. Last night I cooked a batch of pasta sauce and froze them. Now I have pasta sauce ready for about 10 meals! Awesome. I am only just now doing the cooking and freezing thing. Also it only recently occurred to me that you can defrost the frozen food using microwave to have ready meal in minutes. I know so silly, but I never used microwave oven in that way before. Duh! It not only saves food from going to waste, but saves me money too! I used to be the queen of buying a bottle of pasta sauce, using it for 1 or 2 meals and having the most of it go to waste. That was because I would pour a little out and cook it each time I wanted to have pasta. Cooking the whole jar at once not only saves the wastage, but it also saves me gas and time. I know people have done it for ages, but it's a new found concept to me and I am really pleased as a plum.

Today's Breakfast:
Granola, handful of dried fruits, raisins on fat free yogurt

Today's Lunch:
Amy's Mac n Cheese
Green Peas

Today's Snack:
Frozen fruits

Today's Dinner:
You guessed it! Spaghetti with delicious sauce a la moi

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